Materials are sourced within the USA, most from ceramic supply companies in Michigan. Moist clays are used for wheel throwing or sculpture work and are porcelain or stoneware. All clay bodies are mid range temperature and are fired fully vitrified, over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. The porcelain slip for batch casting is a custom recipe mixed by hand in the studio to ensure quality and strength. Porcelain slip is made by precise measurement of dry materials, water, and clarifying agents to achieve flocculation for casting. A 30” hand drill is used for mixing, and each batch is tested before use. 



First vision, then action; before a piece is made, form, technique, process, and color are carefully thought-out by sketching or writing. Most prototyping and modeling is rendered for small batch production only. These materials range from clay, plaster, wood and sometimes 3D printing, which is utilized to critique a design before a model is made. Attention to detail is highly valued with even the simplest object. A philosophy based upon quality over quantity and practice of traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics.     



Ethical small batch production is practiced to prevent wasted materials and to close the gap between design and industry for higher quality and integration. Small runs make big change by shrinking our carbon footprint while providing growth for independent designers or craftsmen. Production involves crucial detail in design and engineering for quality manufacturing. Each mold is handmade and every cast vessel is made with a custom porcelain clay slip. 



Apart from limited edition batches, wheel thrown and hand built ceramic pieces are one of a kind vessels, exploring the nature and manipulation of form and surface. Moist clay and traditional techniques are used for this process.



A decal printer is used for custom logo, text, and image printing on clay. Certain designs use a logo decal fired permanently onto the foot of the piece. Each decal is developed in photoshop, printed, and hand transferred in the studio. Besides logos, I use the clay as canvas and have made over 200 decal designs for a tile installation. I can print photographs, drawings, and graphics. All decals are lead free.



Glazes are lead free and hand mixed in small batch quantities. Techniques such as brushing, dipping, or pouring are used for glaze application.  I also work with surface finishes such as luster, underglaze, china paint, and have made custom brushes from reclaimed fur.